Arc Herkimer Honors Employees’ 5th Anniversaries

December 22, 2020

Arc Herkimer Honors Employees' 5th Anniversaries

Arc Herkimer is honoring all employees who have worked at the agency for five years. During a typical year, employees would celebrate with a luncheon; however, due to the ongoing pandemic, employees were given gift certificates for lunch, in addition to their service awards.

Staff celebrating 5 years of service include: Craig Moulton, Lisa Carpenter, Michael Kokoszki, Shayna Huyck, Gina Massaro, Pauline Brownell, Kody Newman, Jodie Pollard, Laken Dawson, Jenifer Lyon, Larrissa Youngs, Joseph Riesel, Monica Conklin, Sean Dibble, and Jennifer Murphy.

President/CEO, Kevin Crosley said, “Our employees work hard every day to accomplish our mission of empowering people with disabilities and enriching lives throughout our community, and we want to show them how much they are appreciated.”

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